Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Blessing of $90.25

It's easy to overlook little blessings in our lives when things are going great and running smoothly. Ironically, one of the {benefits} of going through trials is that you are often able to more easily see God's hand at work in even the smallest of circumstances!

No matter what season of life we're in, I think it's really important to make sure that we remember to not only see how God has blessed us, but to also share it with others. God is so {AWESOME} and deserves to be praised publicly!

So today I want to share a little story with you of God's blessing in our lives this past week.

Last Tuesday when I got home from Bible study and was taking off my coat, I could feel some coins somewhere in a pocket on the left side. I spent several minutes trying to figure out how to get to them but I couldn't figure out which pocket they were in. Drew came over and started helping me and we found a tiny little hidden zipper inside my coat. He opened it up and pulled out the coins... and then a $20 bill... and then a $10... and then a $5... and then a $50!!... and then several more dollars! That day we found a total of $90.25 in my coat!

We have no idea where that money came from. Our best guess is that it has been in my coat since the winter before we left for Uganda... over two years ago! The funny thing is that I have been wearing that coat for three months already this winter and never once noticed the coins until that day.

$90.25 might not seem like a lot to you, but it's a lot to us right now! Financial struggles are hard and I can honestly say that I am ready to be {done} with this particular trial in our lives right now. But in one sense, there is something so sweet about going through a trial like this and seeing the amazing ways that God provides. If things weren't so tight right now, finding $90.25 wouldn't seem like such a big deal! But these last few months my eyes have really been opened to the many ways the Lord is providing for and blessing us.... ways that I have overlooked and not appreciated in the past.

I can list off several times over these last couple of months when we could have desperately used an extra $90.... and all this time I was carrying it around in my coat pocket! And yet, God chose to give us this extra money NOW, right when HE knows we need it, not when WE thought we needed it.

So today I just want to give a shout out to the Lord! He provides at just the right time and in just the ways we need. He is faithful and today I am praising Him for the gift of a little bit of extra money. =)

How has God blessed you in these past few weeks? Has He shown up in a big or even a {seemingly} little way and reminded you that He is {real} and He {cares}? I'd love it if you would share what God has done so that I can praise Him together with you! No thing is too big or too small to give glory to God for! =)

"Don't stay in the dark and count your woes. Step into the light and count your blessings!"

Sandra Kring


  1. Awesome!! We have been working on cutting extra spending right now to et some bills paid off, ever since we made a decision to trust God for a certain amount each week I've been seeing cool answers. Ben will get a side job or have a super good week at work. A piano student will finally pay. :)It is so cool to see.

    1. Isn't it amazing how we can start to see God at work when we open up our eyes to it!? Thanks for sharing the cool answers you've been seeing in your life. It's so encouraging to hear how God is so faithful at providing! He is good! =)

  2. Very cool! God often has pulled us through the tight times....often at the last moment or what we thought the last moment was. Thanks for sharing and the reminder that God is good. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Brandi! It does seem that God often waits until the "last minute" to show up doesn't it? We've experienced that over and over again. God's ways are not our ways, I guess! And showing up at the last minute does make me realize even more that it was God, and not myself, who really accomplished it! Blessings to you! =)


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