Monday, October 14, 2013

A New Beginning, A New Baby, and A New Blog

You may be wondering, why all the changes around the Hutcheson household lately?
God has been doing some {BIG} things in our life lately! They haven't all been easy but we're trusting that God's ways are better than ours and trying to trust Him with every new step we feel led to take.

Many of you may be wondering, what happened to Boston? When we returned from Uganda in May, we had everything lined up to move to Boston this fall where Drew would be attending Harvard extension school. Little by little, though, God closed slammed doors shut in our face. The last door that closed and finally caused us to see that God had different plans in store for us was our finances. We found out at the last minute that because of the specific program Drew was entering,  we would not be able to take out student loans until his second year at Harvard. With the high cost of schooling and living in the Boston area we were simply unable to make it work any which way we tried. And that's when God finally pried out of our hands all the hopes and dreams and plans we thought we had for our family.

God's ways are better right? An {easy} saying to say but a {hard} one to live.

Things are tough right now as we're in the in-between stage. We're trying to decide where God wants us next. Should Drew choose a different grad school? Should we stay in Michigan? What career opportunities should he pursue? We just came off a high from an {incredible} year in Uganda and now we're experiencing a {low}. But God is in them both. We believe that He has great things in store for us. He has been faithful in our lives thus far and we trust His faithfulness through all generations.

And in the midst of hard times there is always hope to be found. We have many blessings: a wonderful house in Michigan, a brand new baby joining our family this Spring, the overwhelming love and support of awesome friends and family, and the way in which the Lord has drawn both me and Drew closer to Him and closer to each other though our trials.

I started this blog as a way to document our journey as we {trade our dreams} and lay down what we thought was God's plan in order to pick up the new things He has in store for us. We don't know what the future looks like right now but we do know the One who knows the future. And because of that, we give God {glory}!


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