Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miss Olive: 7 Months

Olive turned 7 months old a few days ago! Crazy! This month she celebrated her first Halloween, began sleeping (pretty much) through the night, and got her toe nails painted for the first time. We are so in love with her sweet personality and thankful she's in our lives!

Seven Months!

Height & Weight: 18 pounds 3 ounces and 27.2 inches long

Eating: Olive is doing great on baby food and also enjoying finger foods like cheerios, baby mum mums, canned green beans, and yogurt melts. She continues to nurse like a champ and loves her mommy milk. She can also drink water from a sippy cup by herself (though she makes a mess!). 

Sweet girl. 
Yes, sometimes things get messy at Chik-Fil-A. 
Getting ready for Halloween
Sleep: Two naps during the day and sometimes a cat nap at dinner time. She goes down awake and soothes herself to sleep. She is a great napper! We finally were able to do some night time sleep training with Olive and it has helped alot! With all the different houses we've lived in during her lifetime and the lack of routine and structure as we've moved from place to place, it was hard to get her a routine set up. Also, in our temporary apartment we're all sleeping in ONE room which makes it kind of hard to let her cry it out. However, I finally bit the bullet, bought some earplugs, and let her cry a few nights. Isaiah and Eloise did wake up from her crying but went back down. It took a few nights but she is sleeping much better and not eating at ALL at night! She goes to bed at 8 pm, I wake her up for a dreamfeed at 11, and then she sleeps through till 7/8 am. Sometimes she'll wake up during the night but will easily go back down without being nursed. Progress! =)

Who, me? Just pulling out the laundry to help Mommy out. 
Personality: Olive continues to be such a loving baby! She recently learned how to give kisses on command and loves to give big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses. She loves to cuddle and has become such a mama's girl. She does NOT like to be away from me these days! She is a very content baby. Honestly, she's not much work, and I'm grateful for a baby like this as my third!! She will play on her own, entertain herself or be entertained by her siblings for most of the day. 

                                                                         Clapping girl!
Seriously, the world's best shopper. She could go for hours and be content!
Milestones: This month Olive has become a lean, mean, crawling machine. She's been crawling since the latter part of 5 months old so she's an old pro by now! She is FAST! And she pulls herself up on anything and everything, even flat surfaces. She is even starting to let go and see if she can stand by herself! Crazy girl!!! This month she learned to clap her hands on command and loves doing it. She also got her first pedicure (Pink!) and celebrated her first Halloween. She was a cute little ladybug. 

Little Livy Ladybug!
Livy, the crawling and climbing machine. 

What could be sweeter than cute, pink baby toes?!?
Trying to stand on her own!
Isaiah and Eloise: Isaiah and Eloise love their baby sister, that's for sure! Isaiah is enjoying her even more these days as she's able to do more. He will often go up to her and jiggle her cheeks and say, "Hey there, Little Cutie." He interacts with her a lot! Eloise does too! Olive is her baby and she LOVES her baby!! We've begun talking about how in our new house Olive and Eloise are going to share a room and Eloise is very excited about that! Isaiah's a little bummed though! We told him he can sleep with the dog, though, and that seems to be enough for him. =) 

Happy 7 Months, Baby Girl! We're glad you're in our family!

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